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Where the Residents will Get Access to Quality services at Affordable Prices

Ilaj Portal

The Ilaj Portal gives you instant access to reliable certified and affordable services at your doorstep, the services include car wash, cleaning, maid services, pest control, AC, Plumbing, Electrician, Handyman, Painting & several others to be introduced as we go ahead i.e. Baby sitting, salon services, Events etc.

Why should owners encourage residents to use this app?

While the residents will get access to quality services at affordable prices, the owners are assured that the quality of assets will be maintained by a team of trained professionals. The quality of the asset will not be tinkered with by going to unmonitored companies.


With the ISMART HOME application you can control your home system including your thermostats lights, and video door phone. You can put on and put off lights and AC even when you are not in home. You can see if you have had a visitor in the video door phone while you are not home and you can even speak to them using the application.

Security measures throughout the house can also be monitored using the said application such as gas leaks and fire alarm also get notified on your phone.




Lazim links a multitude of real estate services under one single application. With lazim App you can get access to property documents, pay utility bills, schedule property maintenance and much more. It will be much needed integration between all property stakeholder like owners, tenants, owner association, property management, facility management and utility service providers.




iSMART HOME COMMERCIAL app is a commercial platform in R & D through which greater monitoring and control of common area services like air – conditioning lights, fir alarm, gas leaks, CCTV cameras, Pool Temperatures, Sprinkler Systems and pump systems etc will be made possible.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together